I’ve Done it Again

Not blogged in ages, and now I have catch up to accomplish! I will begin with a small blog covering up to my grand adventure in Ireland. You see since I moved, my days are pretty routine with childcare and a bit of knitting, crafting, and reading. But I have had a few special moments I would like captured (and that is what this blog is all about capturing special moments!)

Little Emmy is my best bud and loves crafting. I moved her craft corner down to my area so she can be as creative as she likes without little siblings getting into her stuff. I decided she needed to add sewing to her talents and she took like a fish to water! I showed her how to use the machine and gave her all my scraps and she just made up all sorts of things. Her is the quilt she started making all on her own. I love it!!

Her and I also take lots of walks and love to explore new places.

Currently we are busy making assorted beaded Christmas ornaments, but we are finding them quite hard! We have yet to complete a one…lol.

Took a most wonderful trip over to visit my eldest grand and spend a few nights. We had the loveliest time ever! She is graduating college this year which is just too hard to imagine!

We had the best time ever just shopping, playing games, and hanging out together! It was just what I needed!!

Back home and a birthday party! My sweet Mimi turned two. She loved having her own cake and was delighted with each and every package. She is the sweetest little thing ever and I adore her!

Living here, my life has a new routine much different from that in Salem, after so many months I have adapted and embraced the changes. Jimmy has been working on getting a transfer to this area. Now that the house is sold, we are footloose and fancy free to do as we like. My days are full of childcare, reading, knitting, and recently I have began to sew for the Etsy shop once again. I am learning that it is OK to just do nothing, that one does not always have to be doing something…a very hard concept for me to transition into. I have been reading a good 5 books a week and thoroughly enjoying the joy that a good book brings.

But I have much bigger news and that will be in the following blog!

Happy Holiday Season!


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