I am not an impulsive person when it comes to planning things but there comes a time when impulse is the only expedient solution! With all the Anpost mix up regarding the new requirements for the EU and one lost package and one returned, I was just over it!! The thought of not being able to send Christmas gifts to the grands in Ireland was too much. So I did what any grandma would do and booked a flight to hand deliver the gifts!! I informed the hubs that we were flying out in less than two weeks so inform work…lol. And off we went on a grand and marvelous adventure! It was his first trip over seas and he had the absolute time of his life!

The flights were long as we had to detour through London Heathrow, but oh how wonderful it was to arrive in Dublin and be greeted by my dear loves! Oh how I had missed them, it had been over 2 years due to the damn Covid. My heart was full just seeing them!! I had rented a car for the week so we could take little jaunts to see a few things…Christina was the driver of

It was all heavenly! Ireland, there is really no way to describe it. The raw rugged beauty, the people… But just being with my loves was enough for me!!

Hubs loved the pub life, and we did many pub visits throughout our stay. While he loved the Guiness, I fell for the hot whiskeys made with Jameson’s. The alcohol content is lower in Ireland, so I was able to imbibe happily!

This is just a small sampling of the photos I took, but just look at the colors! The vividness of the sky and land. Every view is breath taking. Ireland welcomed us with a beautiful sunny welcome on our first day and we enjoyed a stroll to the church ruins and graveyard and Grace O’Malley’s castle ruin right on the Atlantic. They are both in their backyard. Oh the wild Atlantic is just something to behold! While we were there she blew in a hurricane. How fierce the wind did blow, but were were tucked cosily away in the house, warm and safe.

We ate like royalty! Both Christina and Bill are incredible chef’s and treated us to traditional Irish dishes daily! Oh my stars, it was heavenly! The meals we had when eating out were also amazing! The food there is so fresh and not loaded with the preservatives and poisons we have adapted to here and boy howdy you can taste the difference!!

Every minute was so wonderful, my heart was filled to overflowing as memories were made and stored away. Seeing my sweet grands was enough, but add in a country so incredibly beautiful with amazing people, and it is beyond dreams. Being my second visit, I was aware of that, yet seeing it anew through the hubs eyes just added so much to the blessings of it all!

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