Back home and greeted by Ole Man Winter

Back home from our wonderful trip and right into Christmas. It was wonderful to be spending it with family this year as the past 8 I have spent it alone with the hubs. Since I am in a smaller space and Becca put up a beautiful tree, I did not bother to decorate. I did find that in not decorating, I never truly felt it was Christmas. However, Emmy and I did do some Christmas crafting. Emmy loves to come hang out and we craft together, I love that!

Such cute and fun projects. I had ordered some bead kits from Mary Maxim and the angels and snowmen were the only ones we found enjoyable. The wreaths and stars were awful to make and were just not cute at all. We also did some painted wooden decor and various paper crafts. I love how much she loves to craft! And we had a most wonderful Christmas with many lovely gifts all round.

Ole man winter, followed closely on my return! Living in the PNW and Oregon Valley, I am not accustomed to cold temps or snow. And boy has it been a doozy! Temps into the negatives and snow that just keeps on coming. It is strikingly beautiful and my view is lovely! But my poor doggies, it is a deep as my little Misha’s legs!

When snowed in, what does one do but decide it is time to cast on all the projects! I have been wanting to start some new knitting projects and went stash diving and came up with 6 new projects: shawl, 3 hats, slippers, and mittens.

I am still knitting away on my socks. The color of this yarn makes me think of Christmas and winter, although it is very red, white, and blue.

Immediately after caking up my yarn I cast on Sparkling Cider by Kristin Lerher of Voolenvine. I had been wanting to knit this cap for sometime. Used a hand dyed yarn by Republic of Wool in the color way Aster and am holding it with my own botanically dyed mohair yarn dyed with black walnuts. It is knitting up simply stunningly! I must admit that in all my knitting I have never knit cables so this will be a nice new technique!

Selling out home and moving into a dual living arrangement has brought about so many changes. Many have been changes of my mindset. I used to think that I always had to be doing something, that each day had to be marked with some accomplishment. I have finally accepted that doing nothing is absolutely OK. With that new mindset I have been reading quite voraciously. It is an enjoyable hobby that I had rather let slip and one I am enjoying immensely once again! It is not uncommon for me to read 5 or more books per week. I am always searching out new authors and books of interest and have found Pinterest to be invaluable for offering reading ideas. Most all books I can order through the local library, put on hold, and simply drop by and grab. So very convenient. A few that have not been available at the library, I have found through Thrift books most often at $3 or less. I did get a nice bunch of books related to all things Ireland. I read and enjoyed the stories of Christine Breen absolutely decades ago but they have a freshness about them now having visited Ireland several times. I also wanted a bit of history to become more familiar with the beautiful island and her people.

I have renewed my daily rituals which includes some wonderful books with daily entries. I have been reading and loving Tess Ward’s Celtic Well of the Year for several years now and it never gets old! The daily prayers are so rich and beautiful! I added A Poem a Day this year as well as the Witches Spell-a-day Almanac, such a fun book! I am also revisiting Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Peace and Plenty.

As my yearly habit now for the past five years, I utilized Susannah Conway’s wonderful Unravel your Life and Find your Word for 2022. I absolutely love Susannah’s workbooks. It is nice to look back over the past 5 years and see where I accomplish my goals and dreams, what has changed, and what has remained constant, plus has my word been reflected throughout the year and how/why. This year my word is Radiance.

Gearing up to start classes again next week for the PhD. I am taking a series of courses this year on death and grief. I have just a few years left so am finishing up all the courses and certificates I want to have before I begin the dissertation process! The research course last term was extremely intensive but I managed to come out with an A after stressing that I was hoping to just pass! Still loving the process and all the learning and growth that comes with a PhD program.

And now, it is time to begin my day. A fresh new slate with so many possibilities open to me. But first coffee and my daily reading.

Wishing everyone a bright and peace filled 2022!


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