Finally Spring!

After cold and snow in early April spring finally arrived. After Autumn, Spring is my favorite time of year. I love witnessing the explosion of green as earth breathes life into the many living plant organisms. Having missed the green of the Willamette Valley, it is so wonderful to see some green again. I have been awaiting the bloom of all the lilacs that border our back fence area. I was concerned the snow and cold that blanketed them as they started to bloom would be the end, thankfully it did not seem to do damage and they bloomed out in a riot of color and scent!

With the return of good weather, I was able to get in some lovely bike rides. Many times I was joined by my side kick Emmy. She cannot go as far or fast, but she can do a mad 8 miles and is a joy to ride with. Look at those beautiful skies!

My knitting mojo finally returned! It had been a bit since I had felt the call to pick up the needles, but suddenly I had the urge to cast on and knit all the things.

I finished up the red/white/blue socks. This was some yarn I had in my stash. Not my favorite color way, but they will do on a cold winter’s day.

Next I cast on another pair with some Republic of Wool yarn in the Sunrise color way. I am loving the way this color way is knitting up! I usually make a short cuff, but loved this yarn so much just kept knitting. I also decided to do a rounded toe finish. I am really happy with this pair!

One of my favorite things to knit is shawls. It offers a chance to play with color and pattern and yet is relatively fast. I just adore Barnyard Knits yarns and have been building a bit of a stash. I wanted to knit another shawl for my eldest and knew I wanted something that represented the earth and forests. I am very happy with how these two color ways are working together. If you aren’t familiar with Barnyard Knits you must visit her website and check out it out!

A visit to the local quilt shop, Stash, and Becca was determined we would make quilts. I do piece the front of our bags for the Etsy shop, but have not quilted in ages. She quickly pieced together this beauty while I piddled around on a baby quilt from a kit I had purchased years ago. I just couldn’t seem to get into the process again. But I will continue to play around with fabric. I did work on completing a few bags but ran out of our labels.

With such wonderful weather, I like to get the grands outside to play and move. On week-ends we spend hours exploring and playing at the park. Being in nature is critical to overall wellbeing and does wonders for the imagination!

My poor little Misha caught her nail on something and had to go in and have it cut off. It was right to the quick so she was all wrapped up for a bit. She was quite pathetic about the entire thing and let us know she was not happy about it. She has just gotten such a frosty little face. My sweet fur babies certainly own my heart!

Well lots of busy days ahead! Doodle Bug graduates from college this weekend and Erica and family will all be here. I cannot wait to see them all!! My Doodle is then headed off to teach in Japan come July. She graduated from the honors college and is just sharp as can be. I couldn’t be more proud of her!! But how I will miss her being so far away! Following the graduation by two weeks, I am hopping on a plane and heading back to Ireland!! Yes back to visit my loves there and spend two glorious weeks just breathing in Ireland’s beauty!!

Sending blessings to all,


One thought on “Finally Spring!

  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Love the lilac photos. Originally from Maine where we had lots of them, I miss them here in Florida.

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