I spent the last week end at the college graduation ceremonies of beautiful brilliant granddaughter, Doodle Bug! Oh what an amazing time it was! I couldn’t have been more proud. She graduated from the honors college with so many accolades. In July she will be off to Japan to teach for a year! This girl is just so amazing!

The evening before the graduation, we attended her honors ceremony. It was so heartwarming to see so many amazing and brilliant young adults graduating with honors. It fills me with hope for our future. And boy howdy are there some amazing graduates there!

Added to my blessings were the arrival of her mom and siblings to celebrate with her! I hadn’t seen this gaggle of grands for nearly a year so it was a joy! Baby Grayson has grown so big! He is turning a year in a few weeks! The kids all had the best time playing in the pool at the hotel and hanging out at Doodle’s apartment. Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, as well, Doodle and Mils took Erica and out for the most delicious breakfast followed by lovely gifts.

It was a perfect week-end! I just cannot believe she has already finished college and is taking off to pursue her dreams. Nothing is going to hold this emerging Goddess back!

I did use the travel time as an opportunity to get in some knitting. I finished up a pair of socks. I just loved this color way and these just flew off my needles.

I quickly cast on another pair. I am busy stash busting and found this beauty by Spun Right Round. I am unsure of the color way. I am also still knitting away on the shawl but have been focusing more on the socks as they are a perfect take along project that requires no counting or thinking.

And now it is off to Ireland for a few weeks. Sunday we hit the friendly skies and I just cannot wait! I am sure I will have lots to share when we return!



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