Do we ever really grow up?  I often ponder how I got here and what experiences molded me into the individual that I am. But I am never stagnant, that is one of my worse fears…to stop growing and expanding.  To not reach my potential or to become rigid and uncaring would be the worst fate imaginable.  I am a cup half full optimist and always look for the sunny side. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother as well as mom to two boxer babies.  Last year I returned to school to pursue my PhD in Mind Body Medicine and am loving every step of the journey.  I spend my free hours engaged in knitting, sewing, reading, and gardening.  I am currently obsessed with natural dyeing.  I am sewist for my daughters Etsy shop StitchesPlusPurls where we make and market naughty knitting bags and at times hand dyed yarns.

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