A Visit with the Sibs and some serious rearranging

Several months back I shared about the genetic disease that recently raised its ugly head in my family. Amyloidosis is an ugly and unforgiving genetic mutation that strikes hard. In the testing, 3 of the 8 siblings came out positive, with one of my brothers bearing the major brunt of the disease. My sisters planned a get together at our parents house to commemorate mother’s birthday and just be together. It was lovely as all the sibs showed up and we had a great time remembering our childhood on the farm and crazy shenanigans. It was so nice to spend time together and such a blessing that everyone could be there. But, oh my, we are getting so very grey! It is so hard to believe so much time has passed and we are now the elders. Lots of laughs, lots of good food, and lots of wonderful memories!

I arrived home to extreme temperatures and my AC deciding to go kaput! Oh dear, 90 degrees with no AC has shown me just what a whimp I have become. Thankfully, the PNW is not long with heat and after a few days it dipped back down into the low 70s. The nights are always cool also, so that helps considerably when the heat does strike. I did get a repairman out a week later for repairs. But it has not been needed as we have remained below 75 degrees with occasional rain showers.  Oh how I love this type of weather.  I just cannot cannot do extreme temps, either hot or cold.

Well, I have been busy, I got the bug to do some deep cleaning and clearing out. Of course for the majority of the work, I picked the second hottest day when the AC was down…good grief. But I am really liking the changes and the paring down of stuff. I moved all the artwork around and left a space above the TV as the bigger TV takes up so much space so need to see where to place a pic… These are for the most part all original water colors or pen and ink pieces that I have found at yard and estate sales. I just love them! I have added a few more plants in the corner since the picture, I like them grouped in that manner. I really love how much cozier this room now appears. It seems to be my new favorite room to hang out in.

I took some bits and pieces of clutter out of the breakfast nook and threw this awesome quilt (that I recently grabbed at a yard sale for $1!!!) on the table. I just started to repaint the chairs a nice chippy ivory. The black was just too much. Notice the pictures of Christ. The large one in the garden of Gethsemane hung on the wall in our hall when I was growing up. I just love it. The small one is an amazing exquisite cross stitch done for me by Christina. It is beyond lovely. All these hung in the hallway, but I wanted them out to be seen and enjoyed!

I love this little shelf. It holds what I refer to as my Auntie Lena collection and the little model stove she passed on to me. I love this water color as well.

I did a bit in the front room as well, but since I am still working on that I will add those pictures to another blog. But I will share a gorgeous afghan I got for $4 at a yard sale. It is esquisite. I just cannot pass up beautifly hand crafted items! BTW the dog cover on my couch is the best. I got them off Amazon for the two loveseats as boxers are absolute slobber machines! I have already washed them and they are indestructable!

I don’t know about you, but I get such joy from moving things around and discovering new ways to display my collections. I am working toward slowly downsizing. I honestly do not need one more thing…. 

Well except plants…all the plants all the time. I do haunt the Walmart for the discounted plants (it is the only time I will ever shop there if I can help it….). I found my Foxgloves there, oh how I love Foxgloves! I chanced upon a close out of shrubs and ornamental trees and got gorgeous several beauties. I did not get a picture of the Spirea or Gardenia yet. All these beauties were $10 and under. It is so exciting to see everything growing and I have already been harvesting greens, peas, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. So exciting. Growing things just makes my heart sing!

My goal is to gradually turn this area into a cottage garden.  I am acquiring plants to do so bit by bit.  I have to always remember the importance of placement with height and size factors considered.  I just want it full of my favorites; hollyhocks (I have some in pots still doing great but not yet transplanted, foxglove, bee balm, daisy varieties, lupines, nasturtiums, gosh just so many I can’t think of them all right now.  But the old-fashion flowers that would be found in my grandmothers gardens.

The new bed we developed out back is doing great.  The dogs did break the top of the cute bird bath though….sigh… But I had the top from a cement one and I am using that so that works just fine.  I just added the broken bits of the other one to my stone border to give a splash of color.  

Classes finally ended for summer term and the break is always nice. But I really enjoyed this course and had a great deal of personal spiritual growth during those 8 weeks. One of the things I love about Saybrook is that it focuses on personal growth along with intellectual growth. Of course one would expect that in Mind Body Medicine and Psychology, but sadly other universities don’t follow this practice. We delved into so many areas; radical transmissions, near death experiences, consciousness and the connection to health and spirituality…just on and on. I will be taking the next course from this professor in the fall and look forward to that! I did drop to part time studies as they extended the semesters and taking two courses simultaneously is just not where I want to be right now. It put out my graduation date by a year 2022. But that’s doable. To me this is all about savouring the learning process while growing, stretching, reaching new heights in my intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional growth….you know mind, body, spirit!

While busy engaging in so many other projects and business, my knitting has rather taken a bit of a vacation. However, I am on the last border of my crocheted afghan. I am not happy with how the last border is looking so keep ripping it out….irritating.. It does not show in this picture but is a picot edging in that dark rose color. I am still not sure I am sold on this color scheme and will pass this along to one of my girls or grands.

And now it is time to head out for my daily doggie walk. I am not sure who enjoys this more, the doggies or myself. So my dears, I close and I wish peace and joy during this crazy upside down time.


Books and Blooms

Retirement and time spent in my home sweet home has given me lots of opportunity to catch up on reading. I have always had a huge collection of books. When the girls were young we always kept a library room, or if we didn’t have an extra room, lined the hallways with book cases. Being that we were all avid readers, those books were dear to us. As I made several moves in the past decade, books were one of the items pared down. But over the past few years I have started growing my library once more. My taste are eclectic, with a mix of fiction and nonfiction and myriad genres. Here is a peek at some of my shelves. I also have a mishmash of a few shelves of assorted fiction and stacks here and there of my current reads.

Much of my taste runs to authors long since passed. I adored all the back to the land books from the 30s to 50s. Of all the authors of that genre, I would say that my favorite is Gladys Taber. Gladys Taber shares the story of her move from NYC to Connecticut and the purchase of a 100 year old ramshackle house that she brings back to life. She shares her wisdom and wit as she writes about daily life. Betty MacDonald, of the Miss Piggle Wiggle children books, has written a series of books about her life and struggles. As suggested by the titles, The Egg and I, The Plague and I, you can only imagine her wit. Such joyful reading. Shirley Jackson (everyone absolutely must read her trilogy of adventures raising her children. With titles like Raising Demons and Savages Among Us, you can imagine the belly laughs she brings. Oh I just just discovered the wit and charm of Beverly Nichols when I stumbled upon his books at an estate sale. I am savoring every bit of the Merry Hall trilogy. What a delightful read, it is part gardening, part philosophy, part gossip, and sheer fun. I also love books of simpler times (although they really weren’t simpler now were they?). Miss Read and her lovely English village series, Lillian Beckwith and the stories of the Hebrides Islands, oh how both bring me such joy and take me away to far away lands. And one must not forget D.E. Stevenson and Elizabeth Goudge. The Pilgrims Inn trilogy is among my favorite reads. I have my modern favorites too as you can see. Kate Morton, Bill Bryson, Jan Karon, Debbie MacComber (the Blossom Street Series is the only ones I have read), Rosamunde Pilcher, Mauve Binchy….on and on the list goes as I find new treasures! I know I have forgotten so many, but these are the ones I keep in my own library to read over and over.

I have gotten a few new book acquisitions. My latest Saybrook course has been a deep dive into spirituality and the role it plays in wellbeing. One of the areas we are exploring is rituals. This took me back to my Catholic upbringing and the rich beautiful rituals that are practiced. I love celebrations and I believe that it is in the mundane daily living that we find the sacred. For every season in life and in nature there is a celebrating of that change/passage. I had wonderful discussion with my granddaughter in Ireland who is truly an old soul. We were discussing the Celtic traditions and she shared with me the wheel of the year which I just had to explore further!

Besides books, I have been out in the yard and so busy. We seem to have days of rain followed by days of sun or days with rain and sun alternately. Such is the PNW. I had the area in the back where there was no grass as we had the raised beds there. I had been slowly coming to the realization that it was best not to fight against all that shade, but rather to embrace it and fill the area with shade loving plants. A trip to the nursery and a haul of discounted plants led to creating this

There is still the need to plant a bit of grass, but I just love the little island and it will grow to become so lovely as the years pass.

I also added a little fire pit. My next big job is to surround this area with pea gravel….

I love to find discounted plants and scout the nursery centers for the outcasts that are past their blooms or a looking a bit down on their luck. Here are a few of the treasures, now abloom, that I grabbed off the Walmart discount shelf.

And that is just the blooms, I have also gotten numerous bushes, peonies, hostas, and a tree. It does pay to scout for the discounts. The best time to go is after some searing hot weather when the plants have drooped and lost blooms. They are promptly placed on the discount rack!

Remember the ginger rhizome I planted? Well we have some little shoots peaking through. This plant will stay inside until summer proper arrives and the temps remain above the 60s. My poor turmeric has done nothing but that rhizome had only one eye and a very sad one at that…

As Oregon has begun to open up again, I have not been able to resist the urge to go thrifting. I wear my mask as I do not want this virus for sure! But once our Goodwills opened, well I decided to pay the two closest a visit. I was not disappointed and found two enormous pots, a pillar, and these wonderful door things that I will turn into a screen (I LOVE these!)

And I found a salt lamp to replace the one I gave to my granddaughter for her college apartment.

Jackson, just love the hunt as much as I do and he has scored many games, nerf guns, and little treasures for his siblings and mom.

As I have shared, I just love podcasts and any TV time is generally spent on youtube watching my favorites and scouting for new delights. One of my favorites has been Elliot Homestead. I just couldn’t resist adding a few of her books to my library which then led to needing a cast iron skillet (why oh why did I ever give mine away??). I did my research and order one by Victoria. Well, it says it comes preseasons, but I am on my second seasoning and so we will see. The first seasoning did not result in a pan that “eggs just slide right out.” In fact I was scrubbing stuck on egg which was like glue! So we shall see…. But the books are indeed lovely and full of stories of setting up their homestead.

In all this gardening and reading I have still found time to get in some handiwork. I finished up the last of the dishtowels I had been working on and since I have become obsessed with crocheting, have nearly completed the current afghan I started a few weeks back. Crocheting just seems to go so quickly and is easy to rip back if there is a mistake. But I still love the look of knitting for garments. I have done a few rows on socks and am planning on casting on another shawl design by Joji Locatelli.

Well dears, that about covers my little bit of busyness in this corner of the world. I do try to keep busy and productive and live each day with extreme gratitude for all my blessings. This current condition shall pass and it is my prayer that we come out wiser, kinder, and better humans for it.

Keep blooming where you are planted as you sow kindness and love!


Nesting and Creating

As is expected in the lovely Pacific Northwest, we have had lots of rainy days mixed in with bits of sunshine and cooler weather. Fortunately we have been able to get out for daily walks in between the showers. My plants are loving this rain and beginning to show some real growth. But we are coming into some warmer days and that is exciting as then the plants will really pop. Oh plants….. I have rather an obsession with plants (like yarn, fabric, books, thrifting….well you get the idea). I love experimenting with a variety of different shrubs, flowers, veggies. Some do amazing while some are a disaster. But if you spend but bits on them it is not such a tragedy. I am the queen of discounted and “free range” plants. I stalk the plants discount racks and bring home a myriad of beauties. Currently I grabbed two lovely jasmine and two amazing peonies for only $5 each! Considering I had only recently nearly popped $50 for one larger jasmine, this was especially thrilling! I don’t know about you, but to me there is something so satisfying in watching shoots emerge from the ground, a flower burst into a beautiful bloom, and picking that first sun warm ripe tomato and popping it directly into your mouth. Pure and utter delight!!

The work in the yard continues on and on as I am constantly moving things about and again and again. In the back I have added the two jasmines against the back fence and did bit of rearranging. The fire pit mess is going away as I just grabbed a bunch of shade loving shrubs and tree and will be making a nice little arrangement in that area. I mean, why not make mounds and fill them with shade loving plants?

The herbs are growing nicely and I keep moving pots and plants around. I was going to take them off the patio, but I rather like them there. Oh that patio needs a major redo though!

Out front I have made several changes, and am sure I will continue to do so. I purchased a few peonies (again on a great clearance) and put them and a bevy of iris rhizomes in the space bordering the neighbors that was a huge weed bed. It just needs the bark chips. I love peonies and Iris, so this will be delightful next year when they all come into bloom.

This little area by the house is quite the work in progress and will continue to be so. I love my little wheelbarrow and it will stay. But I added quite a few plantings and this fountain. The fountain is a thrifting find that didn’t have a working pump so was pretty much given to me. The hubby added a pump and we fixed it up just fine and I think it is lovely. When I finish with all the plants how I want them I will add the bark chips to this area and call it good…..well at least for this year. Those little green bits in the front will grow up into huge flowering bunches as bee balm and the lupines should also put on quite a show. My little nasturtiums should provide some color to my salads as well at the flower beds! The large coreopsis provides a gorgeous yellow dye which I use to dye wool.

The hubby has been busy trimming bushes and trees and has found a few abandoned nests. We made sure they were old unused nest from the best we could tell. I thought they were so sweet placed just by the door.

Speaking of birds, with all the bird houses, feeders, and baths the back and front yard have just filled up with so many lovely birds. My favorite have always been the little chickadees in so many colors. I love to sit at my desk by the window and watch them!

I have become addicted to gardening podcast and my knowledge has grown exponentially. I think my favorite is Epic Gardener. I learned from him that I can plant and grow turmeric and ginger! I currently have both potted and just waiting to see the first shoots emerge. It takes a few weeks. But OMG having my own fresh ginger and turmeric is an absolute game changer! You simply take the rhizomes that you purchase at the store to be consumed at home, stick them into a pot with just a light covering of soil, keep them moist and at 70 degrees, and just let them grow. Pick rhizomes that have numerous little buds (or heads) and they will bloom away for you. The important thing to remember is that they are a tropical plant so need warm moist environment. When it warms up in July I will place them outside. For now they are in front of a sunny window area indoors.

I did get in a bit of my thrifting monster fed the other day. Just down the street was an amazing yard sale. Donned my mask and headed out. She had so many lovely things and I purchased numerous country type decor for my youngest as she is in the process of buying her first home. I also got this darling antique crib for FREE! It needed a bit of repair, but it is just too cute. I have debated putting it out doors with plants, but it wouldn’t last more than a season, so instead my teddies have a new home.

As the temps heated up, I turned my attention to indoors. I had been thinking for a bit that I wanted to move the large white hutch out of the living room and move my large glass hutch into that space. That meant packing up most all my milk glass but bits and bobs and favorite pieces. The milk glass will be going to my youngest soon anyway as she buys a new home. The large white hutch is now in the hallway. I am still working on what will be placed inside and atop it.

My lovely basket collection is now center stage in my living room where I can fully enjoy them. I may play around a bit more with placement of the baskets and lovelies as well as the pictures on the walls surrounding it.

Well moving the hutches also gave me the inspiration to paint this little sweetie. I chose a color to set off my favorite hand painted Fenton milk glass pieces. It is quite chippy and the pink was almost too much, but I wanted to highlight the colors in the milk glass. I am quite delighted in the results.

Next up is a revamp of the bedroom. I have huge furniture that weighs a ton and with the bedroom being so dark, it looked like a deep dark hole. We took off the head and foot boards and just that simple act opened up the room so much. This meant moving the huge dresser and just doing an overall clearing out. When it is all done, I will share pictures. It is still a messy work in progress!!

And that is how I have been filling my days, busy nesting and creating, sowing and harvesting and what could be any lovelier than that when one must stay home and stay safe.

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A Visit with the Sibs and some serious rearranging

Several months back I shared about the genetic disease that recently raised its ugly head in my family. Amyloidosis is an ugly and unforgiving genetic mutation that strikes hard. In the testing, 3 of the 8 siblings came out positive, with one of my brothers bearing the major brunt of the disease. My sisters planned […]

Books and Blooms

Retirement and time spent in my home sweet home has given me lots of opportunity to catch up on reading. I have always had a huge collection of books. When the girls were young we always kept a library room, or if we didn’t have an extra room, lined the hallways with book cases. Being […]

Nesting and Creating

As is expected in the lovely Pacific Northwest, we have had lots of rainy days mixed in with bits of sunshine and cooler weather. Fortunately we have been able to get out for daily walks in between the showers. My plants are loving this rain and beginning to show some real growth. But we are […]

Quiet Days and a First Harvest

Dear me but if I didn’t go and put my back completely out.  It had been hurting pretty badly for a week, but I was sure I could just walk it out and continue along with the yard work and such, until I lifted a huge pot.  Ouch, that did it and was cause for […]


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Quiet Days and a First Harvest

Dear me but if I didn’t go and put my back completely out.  It had been hurting pretty badly for a week, but I was sure I could just walk it out and continue along with the yard work and such, until I lifted a huge pot.  Ouch, that did it and was cause for a trip to the urgent care….during Covid that is not something that I wanted to do!  But I must say Kaiser was so organized and there was absolutely no contact with anyone but the md and rn.  Muscle relaxers and a stern lecture to give it time to heal and I was back home and didn’t need to be told twice to give it a rest!  So I had a good 4 days of being unable to do much of anything due to the pain level.  Today was the first day I finally felt I was able to start doing some modified activity and even get out for a walk!  Good Grief I hope I never do that again!!

Mother’s Day was spent quietly at home.  I took a lovely walk and putter about in the yard moving a few things here and there.  I then settled down to watch the mystery series Lochness on Acorn TV while working on my crochet afghan.  I must say I am hooked on the ease and simplicity of crocheting.  It is almost instant gratification as projects seem to go so quickly.  I am 2 rows short of 1/2 through this afghan.  At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the color scheme, but now that it is further along I am finding it lovely.


While convalescing I was able to get the buttons on Mimi’s sweater and block my latest pair of completed socks.


I love this golden yellow yarn.  It is some of my botanical hand dyed.  I used coreopsis and marigolds.  I love the flecks of colors throughout.  I reminds me of the wheat fields back home on the farm.


Having my hubby home full time has been wonderful for completing so many things that we just never got around to.  He has gotten several jobs that had been neglected completed and we have little by little been transforming the yard.  We have gotten most of the bark chips spread and will be getting delivery of pea gravel next to finish up the back.  I have put in so many lovely herbs and veggies.

My little strawberry bed is coming right along! Jackson and Jimmy put a nice rock border around it.


I love this bird house.  Every year we have a little family of birds move in and make nests. I absolutely adore having a myriad of birds visiting my gardens.  I have several bird feeders out front where I can watch the birds out my window at my desk and just today I saw one using one of the two bird baths I put out.  I especially love the little chickadees.


I was delighted to find a bay plant.  It is one of the herbs I had been hoping to add so was delighted to find it at my local nursery.  Until I decide where I want to plant it, the pot and basket will be home.  Now if I could find some Borage.


My raspberries have never looked so good.  We did place a little gate going in as silly old Koda decided that it was the only place he preferred to poop….good grief..


I’ve been playing around with the hodge podge of yard decor I have collected over the years.  It is all from thrifting.  I love all the faces and have several more I need to get put out.


We also had our first harvest.  Some lovely radishes and cilantro.  It is so delightful to finally have things growing.  That shady back yard just didn’t cut it at all.


The doggies enjoy nothing more that hanging outside with us and basking in the sun while we work away.


It was so delightful to finally get out for a walk again after 4 days trying to heal.  As we walk through this little nature area we often see Blue Herons, but we can never get a picture.  However, this guy was totally chill with us and gave us the perfect photo opportunity!  They are just so beautiful!


I finally got around to getting my last batch of naughty knitting bags uploaded to Stitches Plus Purls Etsy and they were all sold out excepting 3 in a matter of hours.  Now that I can move again I must get busy on another batch.  Speaking of bags, I found this naughty naughty fabric on Spoonflower a month ago and ordered numerous pieces.  I waited a month for it to finally arrive.  This will become bags for the shop.  Very naughty but oh so fun.


Summer courses have began and I am taking Spirituality and Health.  I really have enjoyed pursuing my PhD at this stage in my life.  One of the beauties of Saybrook is that each class is not only geared to learning the knowledge to go out and practice your trade, but also focused on helping you dig deep and grow as an individual.  This course is no exception and comes at a perfect time as the world grapples with a pandemic and the personal impact on my own little world and self.  I have grown so much in knowledge in the three years since I started the program.  I have loved the learning process and each class has been like opening a rare and beautiful gift.  Well there have been a few courses that just didn’t excite me, but I still learned a great deal. This fall I will need to begin the long journey of writing my dissertation…oh my!  The biggest problem is I have no idea whatsoever what to do my research on.  It has to be a passion as a dissertation is so extensive and a full 2 years of work so you must have a great and sustainable desire for the research project.  Well I will figure something out I am sure.  My focus has not been on the end goal, but instead on each course and the joy and enrichment they have provided.

Well dears, the gardening is calling me out to enjoy her beauty and see the newest little seedling popping up out of the earth.  I wish you all a lovely Mother’s Day and a heart filled with contentment and peace.


Never too old..

I have been wanting a Ukulele for quite some time, but just never took the leap and purchased one. I used to play the guitar, but it has been 30 years or more since I played.  My granddaughter, Doodle bug, was face timing with me and we were discussing this as she had been thinking about getting a guitar.  We had a lovely discussion and was I ever surprised when a few days later this arrived in the post:


My very own ukulele!  What a fun and very thoughtful gift.  I am having a lot of fun with it, but boy are my finger getting sore.  I need to get those callouses built up!  Then Erica called to say she had also bought a Ukulele and Doodle, of course, bought her  guitar.  So we are having fun learning our new instruments.  You are never too old to learn new things and this old dog is practicing some new tricks!

I have to say I have been enjoying working on this crochet throw very much.  It is so quick and easy and if a mistake is made it is easy to frog back, unlike knitting that takes skill to pick the stitches back up. This is especially true when using small needles and near impossible when working on lace!  While I am not quite as happy with the colors as I thought I would be, I think I will like them better as I get further along.



I discovered a bag of assorted yarn while cleaning the storage above the garage.  Mostly baby yarn, but this little skein of sock yarn was in it as well.  I thought well that might just make a very fun pair of ankle socks.  I couldn’t resist another cast on and I always like to have a pair of socks on the needles.  This is a rather small skein, but I will use a coordinating color on the toe and heel and if I do ankle length, I think I will have enough.


On Friday we put on our masks, gloved up, and ventured out to the local nursery.  We went right as it opened and had the entire place to ourselves up until we checked out.  I was able to get some nice spots of color, a bay plant, more blueberries and a few other items I was missing.

I always grab old wheelbarrows when I see them as I think they make the cutest accent pieces.  The hubby put some holes in the bottom of this rusted out barrow so I could use it to create a nice little spot of color.  I have sprinkled a myriad of flower seeds all around this bed and already little sprouts are popping up.


We also ordered up a couple yards of bark chips.  The hubby and Jackson spent Sunday working on the back area until we ran out of landscaping fabric.  But already it is looking so much better!

This area is quite empty.  It is partial sun and I am thinking a star jasmine would be lovely growing against the fence.


Due to having a male boxer we put up this little fence to keep Koda from peeing all over the blueberries!  Need to do the same for the raspberries.  All the decor in the back are bits and bobs collected at estate and yard sales. I always have a family of birds nesting in the tall bird house.


It is coming right along and I am pleased with what we have done so far.  Lots more to do, but all the time to do it. I also added fairy lights to my cabana and am thinking of spray painting the dark wicker furniture a nice bright color.  Anything to bring yet more cheer!

While out on our walk the other day we came across this


We have huge families of turkeys that walk the neighborhood on a regular basis, but this one was alone and we were able to get quite close to her.  Such lovely majestic birds!  I like that we have these turkey families roaming our streets.  But I really enjoy birds and have my feeders placed all around my yard to attract them.  I especially like the little chickadees.

Well dears, that is about all my “doins” as my grandma would say.  I hope you are all healthy and finding peace during this trying time.

Strummin away,


Slow Sunny Days


Sunny days mean lots of outdoor time; long walks, gardening, taking my knitting or latest project out to the patio so I can enjoy the lovely weather.  It is nice having lots of green open spaces just a few minutes walk away.  It is such a joy to watch at spring unfurls in all her splendor.  For beauty, you can’t beat the PNW!


I love this bush, it reminds me of the Bible story of Moses and the Burning Bush.


In my little garden spaces I have sprouts shooting up daily it seems.  I find such silly delight in seeing the new growth.  I finally got in myriad flower seeds and hope to see a nice riot of color as time progresses.  I would love to add more perennials, but well that can wait until next year.  Also got my raspberries bushes staked and cleaned up.  Every year I extend the bed a bit further.  And got in a few more strawberry plants.  I was wanting a few basil plants and it seemed every online source was sold out.  But I found a set of three on amazon for only 19.99.  They arrived in great shape and the seller had even thrown in a free cilantro plant.


Look at all the little shoots just sprouting up!


These are the stackable planters I purchased.  They will hold beans and the bottoms have cucumbers and zucchini as it can trail all over this area freely.


Since I cannot get to the nursery I scattered a myriad of flower seeds in this bed and will hope for the best.




Well I fell down a new crafty rabbit hole…as if I needed to do that!  I found these blocks a few years ago in a charity shop and they floated around my sewing room in a bag, at one point I almost donated them back.  The with the desire to crochet an Attic 24 style throw, I decided to start by joining these and finishing up this throw.  I just love how it turned out!  I have not done much crochet so this is a new craft for me.  I prefer the look of knitting for anything but throws.  I have a zillion threads to run in and this will head off to my granddaughter for her college apartment.  Being made of acrylic the likes of Red Heart, it will be indestructible!


After completing this I was ready to tackle the throw that I had acquired the yarn stash that I shared last blog.  Aren’t these just the yummiest colors?


I am making the same pattern as the throw in the background.  I treasure that throw, Becca made it for me and it is huge and so absolutely gorgeous!


Today we decided to revisit a path we had not walked for several years.  It was always one of my favorites and I loved taking the grands along this path.  I love an overgrown path deep in the forest, where it seems any minute a wee fairy or one of the little people may peep out at any moment.



Such a lovely path and one that I won’t again wait years to visit!

Our sunny days are filled with a lot of back yard time with bonfires and BBQ. Jackson enjoys shooting his sling shot but it finally bit the dust from overwear.  I surprised him with a new one along with darts for his dart board.  I like to see him spending days outdoors instead of in front of any electronic devices!  He also built the fire pit.  I like to burn all the paper items instead of tossing in the garbage and that is his job.


On these sunny days it is hard to believe the world had descended into sorrow.  But I never want to forget my blessings and make a point to offer up my prayers and healing energy for all those afflicted and effected.




Are we at peak yet?

Dears, during these days do you find yourself so often holding your breath?  I certainly do.  Then I must stop and breathe deep and find a way to recenter.  If I spend too much time on social media I find my breathing is so shallow and my body will instintively take a deep breath to remind me to breathe!  How are you holding up?  Are you practicing lots of self care?  The other day I read a quote (I cannot remember who it is attributed to) that said “There is no way but through.”  Oh how true that is, and through we will go.

My daily walks pass this creek and I always stop and look at this rock.  It makes me think of the saying that a rolling stone gathers no moss, and right now I certainly feel like this rock all covered in moss.  Although my mind and hands are anything but still as I continue to pursue my PhD and keep busy cooking, gardening, stitching, knitting, sewing etc.  Or perhaps I identify with this rock as since growing older and now in retirement I have found a sense of calm even while the water swirls around me pushing and shoving.   Whatever the reason, this view is very calming to me.


I fill my days with simple pleasures; baking, daily walks, puttering in the garden, bits of handiwork here and there.  The days have found their own rhythm.  I am busy working on a paper for the latest course in my PhD program.  But mostly if seems like a time of waiting, waiting for life to resume what….what will the new normal be? And mostly waiting to see my dear loved ones again!!


I got into my sewing room and did some reorganizing.  Since I have been spending most of my days in the living room and the doggies insist upon being where ever I am, I needed to get both love seats back in that room.  So I put a small chair in the sewing room which turned into moving shelves which turned into moving the cutting board which meant cleaning out and reorganizing and on it goes….  Here is a little tour of my sewing room.


My bins are from 31 bags as my niece sells them and they are just perfect for my shelves.  When I got the shelves I had wanted white, but since all Walmart has was the wood look, well I took what I could get.  They have made such a difference!  I can easily see and grab what I need.


The cutting table was purchased decades ago when I had a quilting shop, Sunshine and Stitches, in Northern California.  It had been in my mom’s sewing room until a year ago when she was ill and told me to pack it up and take it home.  I keep two of the collapsible shelves under it for all my books.


My wonderful fabric collection. Most of this has come from IG destashes and I do use it in my bag making.  The top is filled with numerous treasures I have collected.  I have picked up the mini sewing machines at various estate and yard sales.  The dolls as well, except a few from Christina’s collection and my childhood. And then of course jars and jars of buttons collected over the years.


Little bears and a a few toys I bought in London on my first trip at 18..  Notice the detail on that gorgeous chair.  This was a gift from my dear bestie Mia.


Somebody is peeking at the door.  Koda is most certainly my shadow…


Christina cross stitched this lovely piece for me many many years ago!  I still treasure it.  I do however, think it needs a different frame…


I created both of my bulletin boards from old frames.  I just love them.


I must admit I love that room.  I love the color that I chose to paint the walls and how happy the space is!  It is a great space to design and work in.

My doggies are happy to have the two love seats back in the living room where they can hang with their mommy.  Unfortunately I have to keep them covered and well the red doesn’t fare well with my decor…but must needs..


The garden is really coming right along.  We have cleared out all the beds and are putting food where once grew a hodgepodge of shrubs and this and that.  I have most all my plants and seeds in now.  I did order a tall stackable planter type thing after seeing such an amazing contraption on a gardening youtube and wondering to myself where have I been all these years that I did not even know such a thing existed!  I will fill it with bush beans and lettuce I think…..  I did keep the bed by the house for flowers and have yet to get those seeds in the ground.  I am upset I did not get an order placed with Burpee for live plants as now all are out and they are not even currently taking orders.  There seems to have been a rush on seeds and plants and in hesitating I now may be waiting a bit.  But I got all I needed for the most part at the local nursery.  Perhaps I will suit up in my mask and gloves and make a nursery trip in a few weeks…. I am so adverse to venturing out near anybody at this point!!

I did get a few acquisitions.  From a detash I grabbed this yarn set from the blankets by Lucy at  Attic 24.  It is beyond gorgeous.  Being it is British I was stoked to have found it on destash in US dollars.   This first kit will most likely find its away to Ireland when we ever get over this virus!!


But when I showed it to Becca within an hour she promptly called me and said she found a US resource for the yarn.  Ok well never ever tell a hoarder such news.  There was a substantial sell going on and being it was acrylic it was already below $2 per skein.  So I went to Attic 24 website and picked out my two favorite color stories and well here we go…. Did I ever think I would use acrylic yarn again???  But for a blanket it only makes sense….


If you are not familiar with Lucy at Attic 24 OMG you are missing out on one of the best blogs ever!  Check it out https://attic24.typepad.com. She has a myriad of free tutorials and patterns.  She uses StyleCraft yarn and the color palette is beyond yummy.  I bought these at https://www.lovecrafts.com/en-gb/   Here are the color stories I got:

From destash I got the Woodland set

Hydrangea set was what both Becca and I picked out

I also added Cozy

Now to start one of these projects.  I am still undecided if I will crochet (I am not really big fan of crocheting) or knit a fan stitch blanket.  But aren’t those colors just beyond lovely?!

Well my lovelies that about covers what is going on here in my little corner of the world. Staying safe and utilizing my time as best possible.

Wishing all health, economic wellbeing, and security during this trying time,


Sheltering in Place

Oh my, but we are learning an entirely new vocabulary as this current madness continues to impact our lives.  I pray this finds all of you safe and well.  Does your heart just hurt from the pain and suffering?  As an empath, the pain is often unbearable and I find that tears come unexpectedly at any moment.  Yet I take comfort in knowing that this too shall pass and that God is always in charge no matter how out of control life appears.  But oh how my heart hurts for humanity….

So many changes as we face this.  I started by doing grocery pick up but now do only delivery service (instacart allows you to add a tip right into the purchase…please everyone tip very generously as these are the people who are keeping us safe!). Imagine my delight when I got a full grocery order after weeks of bits of this and that!  It was like Christmas!  Silly thing to be excited over food and drives home how extremely blessed we are…let’s never ever forget that!!  It feels so very very selfish to delight in these things when so many many are going without or losing loved ones and my heart battles with all my own blessings while others are not so fortunate.


It is so important now to be mindful of how very blessed we are and express our gratitude by doing good and being kind.  I am so excited to see the increase in kindness and sharing through the on line neighborhood groups.  If a need is shared, so many come forward to help out.  I honestly believe most people are good and decent.  We are certainly seeing the best and sadly but less often the worst in others in this crisis!

As I count my blessings, of course my dear family is always first.  My children and grands, my spouse, my siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and on that close list goes.  I pray for their safety and good health.  It is so hard knowing we will be unable to visit for an extended period.  But we have such marvelous technology today that allows me to be right in the living room in Ireland visiting with my loves, or down in Nevada, or in California.  Isn’t it a marvel and isn’t it such a wonderful blessing!

Here on the home front we are doing well.  Sheltered in and staying safe.  The hubby is on extended leave until his organization gets their shiit together and puts protocols in place for safety.  The doggies love all this home time with us!  Sweet Koda has found his place in the pack and fits in so easily.  He is such a sweet cuddle bug and is all boxer with the beaning and boxing!  Like my sweet piggy, he never leaves my side and just follows me around the house.


My little Misha is like a cat.  She dictates when she wants attention and is very independent.  But what a sweet gentle soul she is.  I couldn’t love her more!


With this time on hand, we got busy preparing the garden beds.  Unfortunately nothing will grow out back with all the shade…..gggrrrrrr!  So pretty or not, the beds came round to the front.  I had already done this before the virus hit, and now I can just claim it is my victory garden.  Short on looks, but long on value and purpose!  I did put a few seeds into some growing soil and my little baby basil are popping up.


After a good start, on came the endless weeks of rain.  The PNW is green for a reason and that is lots and lots of rain!  I got in a goodly amount of herbs into pots before the rains hit so that was good!


She may be unsightly, but she is practical and in the coming year we can improve the beds and make it proper and attractive.  Oh just look at that dreary weather…


I have been doing all I can to boost our immune systems and keep us healthy.  I am running my diffusers and keeping the doors open as much as possible.  I am huge on fresh air for health.


Remember the art pieces I shared last time from Elizabeth and Charlotte sent all the way from Ireland? Well I just happened to have perfect fitting frames.  Sometimes it pays to be a packrat and serious thrifter.  Just look how lovely they both look all framed and displayed!


I will eventually get a different frame for the avocado, but I wanted to get it on the wall so for now it is in a rather frilly frame.


The clock above is one identical to the one my grandma stitched and is still hanging out at the ranch house where I grew up.  When I found an identical one I knew it had to come home with me.  My grandma was a prolific needleworker and also did a fair amount of crochet.  My maternal grandma was a truly gifted seamstress and knitter who often designed her own patterns and my mom was all of these!  How blessed was I to come from a long line of talented women!

Being tucked away at home (I never like to stay stuck at home as that doesn’t acknowledge how blessed and fortunate I am to have a home and to be able to shelter safely in place) I have turned my mind to all my lovely collections.  It is amazing how many many lovely items I have been able to collect over the years.  It is rare that I pay over $10 or $20 for anything.  Look at all these lovelies.  I enjoy my collections and I think that is so very important.  To me they are beauty to the eye and food for my soul.  They all bring back memories as many are passed down or gifted to me and many others remind me of loved ones or my childhood.

Join me as I take you on a little tour of a some of my collections.


The Blue Boy and Pinky are needle point that I found at a yard sale.  They remind me of my childhood home as mom had a framed set hanging on the front room wall. I used to love looking at them and it was the beginning of my love for the great masters and museums. They bring back those memories and make me happy just glancing at them.

This Pulaski hutch has a story too.  I was following it on the FB market place and the price was coming down so I grabbed it.  I had no idea of the size until I went to pick it up.  I just barely fit into the backend of my Atlas…and that sucker is huge.  But we got it in and oh do I love it.  I often light it in the evenings while relaxing in the front room.  It is glorious and so beautiful!


Tucked on the bottom is a blue button can that I got from my mom years and years ago.  It is still filled with some treasured sewing items that she had in it when she gave it to me.  It may only be an old tin candy container, but to me it is filled with so many many childhood memories.  The pink fluted bowl was a wedding gift to my parents.  Many of the baskets belonged to my mom.  She cherished her baskets and how we all delighted in adding to her collection!


Oh sweet sweet Hummels!  This was a collection by chance.  See my daughters will tell you, “never tell mom that you collect something as she will find you the mother of all collections”. LOL.  Well that is so very true.  Erica my middle had a few Hummels she collected on her trips to Germany way back when she was barely an adult.  She loved the darling little figurines and, well I found my first two by chance at an estate sale.  Then she came visiting and we found a few more and she let slip how much she loved them….uuuhhhh ohhhh….and the race was on.  Maybe I have taken it a bit too far?  But oh I have also fallen in love with the sweet little faces and since they are basically giving them away anymore….well what can one do but take them home.  This entire collection will eventually find its way to her home in California.  Until then, I do really enjoy the darling little figurines. They capture such innocence and joy.  I have so many favorites in the collection I cannot possibly chose a favorite!


Sweet Koda boy just had to be in the picture.  He is my little shadow….


The little tea set was a gift from Erica from one of her trips to Germany.  Aren’t the little Friars just too much?!  I spy a little Koda eye….


Teacups and other lovelies.  There are some pieces from moms wedding and cups and saucers from my both my grandmas.  I have many more tea cups, but I did narrow down this collection and started using some of the others.  This hutch…oh this hutch…be still my heart.  This was the beauty that I got over a year ago at an estate sale for peanuts.  It has a drop down drawer with a desk with little slots.  It is magnificent!


And lastly my milk glass.  Now this is one collection that I do have too much of.  I have more boxes packed away including plates, cups, pitcher, vases…crazy huh?  This another collection that just rather evolved.  My Grandma collected milk glass and I always admired it when I went to her house.  When she moved to a retirement community I was too young to have thought to ask for a piece and it was all given away.  Unknown to me, I was pregnant with my youngest when my beloved Grandma passed away.  Forward to said daughter was 8 and at a yard sale and she saw her first piece of milk glass and fell in love.  So we started collecting pieces.  Mind you this daughter reminds me of her great grandma, she has the same exact laugh and mannerisms.  How fitting that she would love milk glass.  And again this collection is housed with me until her children are older and she is in a home large enough for this hutch and the collection.  My favorites are the hand painted Fenton pieces.  I have a few pieces of the yellow vaseline colored milk glass as well.  Again these pieces were all mostly $5 or less.


I hope you have enjoying seeing some of my collections as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.  I also have a lovely collection of kaleidoscopes and my sweet teddies that are perched aound my front room.

I have also been keeping busy with jigsaw puzzles. I read that they are having a run on puzzles during the stay at home orders.  Luckily I have a huge stock of used puzzles I have collected!  My favorites are still the Wysocki ones!  I also do my handiwork; knitting, stitching, sewing.  And now the studies are keeping me occupied once again.  The days flow gently one into another.  When I feel the fear rising I reach for my rosary or practice one of the positive psychological interventions that are so very helpful.  Let me share as perhaps they can be helpful to you as well.

Savoring experiences can help one grow in positivity.  According to research by Bryant and Veroff savoring consist of three time-orientations and four savoring processes.  Below is a chart that shows these with prompts and examples

Time orientation Definition Prompt Example
The past reminiscing Think of a time when you felt total happiness. Reflecting on a time in the past and reliving the positive emotions of that time.
The present savoring the moment How are you feeling right now at this moment. Being mindful in the moment and pausing to savor those feelings.
The future anticipating What is something that you are looking forward to with great joy and anticipation. The positive emotions that come with the anticipation of an event in the future.


Savoring processes Definition Example
Thanksgiving gratitude Understanding blessings that are bestowed daily by others and the universe.
Basking pride Acknowledging a job well done or excelling at a task.
Marvelling awe Realizing the wonder of the moment, realizing how infinate the world is and the sheer beauty of nature.
Luxuriating physical pleasure Feeling deep feelings of joy, pleasure, happiness.

How this works is you use a prompt from the time-orientation and allow yourself to really engage deeply in the experience.  An example is a time when I felt completely secure and loved.  As a child several of my siblings and I came down with the mumps simutaneously.  My mom fashioned rather a hospital ward in the living room and we all laid sick a bed while she was like a mother hen attending to our physical needs while comforting us with a cool hand on our brow, fluffed up pillows, and words of comfort.  I remember lying in that fever induced state hearing her humming as she tended to the chores of farm wife with a family of 8. My father would come in at the end of the day and tease each of us about our chipmunk faces while lying a tender yet weather hand on our brows.  The feelings of love, of safety, and of believing that the universe consisted only of my siblings, my father, and my adoring mother were complete.  My mother, her cool hand on my brow and the sound of her joyful humming as she went about her work are still etched deeply in my soul.

How this memory relates to the four savoring process is that it brings feelings of gratitude and physical pleasure.  In recreating this memory I internalize these positive feelings and my positivity grows.  I am savoring these feelings and that savoring last for hours as I go about my day to day duties and chores.

And now dears, I must off and work on a paper that unfortunately isn’t going to write itself…

Sending many hugs and blessings!



Holding loved ones close…

I certainly could never imagine that the month of my 62nd birthday would bring such world upheaval as we navigate these frightening and unsure times we are facing.  I admit I am a bit unnerved and afraid, but it is the unknown that causes this.  I have always found knowledge is power, and I fear we are not getting transparency or knowledge in our current battle with the Covid19.  However, I am following all the protocols that are recommended for my age.  I have sheltered in and am a disinfecting fool since my husband works at a prison.  I did pull Jackson out of school a week before they shut down the schools.  We are homeschooling and it is going quite well.  Are days are peaceful and we have a nice routine.

Before the world here turned crazy, we made a trip to Eugene to add another family member.  We had been discussing getting another boxer, but with just Misha life was so much easier.  But a call from the rescue group and I was too easily persuaded.  So welcome to Koda.  He is a sweet boy and same age as Misha.  But he is much more hyper active and we have had to work on keeping him less rough around Misha.


But seriously, who could resist that face?  He looks a lot like my sweet Frassy.  He is still busy finding his place in the pack and we are (hopefully) guiding him well.

Jackson and I include walks in our daily routine.  While walking the other day, I noticed this cute little clay pot “man.” Isn’t he too cute?  I would like to make one such little man!


Fresh air and nature are vital to my own mental health and wellbeing.  Thankfully we have many green spaces close by.  Jackson enjoyed finding fun hiding places in all the lush green spaces.

I have still been doing a bit of finishing work in hopes of getting all the odd WIPs out of my basket.  I started these fingerless mitts I thing over a year ago.  These are from my own hand dyed yarn.  I did add some length to them as I wanted them to be able to be tucked into the coat sleeves. Last night I did the final cast off and ran in the ends.


I like to have a pair of socks always on the needles.  This pair is from my own botanically dyed yarn using marigolds and coreopsis.  I am making a simple rolled ankle pair.  I use my own pattern and just adjust the length.  I use size 1 needles, cast on 64, determine what ribbing I want and do such and then just knit the length I desire and use the fish lips kiss heel turn, then down the foot and finish off with a decrease at the beginning and ending of every row on alternate rows.  Simple and basic.


After seeing this amazing wool piece in our darling little wool store here I was obsessed with finding it.  The store had no pattern, just the finished piece displayed.  A quick online search and found it in an Etsy shop.  It has sat in my cart for a good month and after much debate grabbed it.  Can’t wait to get it started!


Before all the awareness of the virus and on one of my last trip to thrift I found these cross stitch books.  I haven’t done cross stitch in forever and not sure if my eyesight is up to it, but I am anxious to give it a try again.


Be still my heart!  For my birthday letters and a lovely package arrived in the mail from Ireland.  Look at all the sweet treasures!  Every single item is just precious!  Plus there was also some delicious chocolate bars!


My grandson, Frank, bought this rosary for me when his class visited the shrine at Knock!  It is beyond lovely.  I find saying the rosary so comforting and meditative.  This one, I discovered, glows in the dark as the inner beads hold in the light.  What a special and precious gift!


Along with the gifts were some amazing artwork by the girls.  Charlotte is such a gifted artist and photographer as she has the gifted artist eye.  She did the avocado in oil crayons.  I found a matte for it and can’t wait to get it framed and hung.  The impressionist piece by Elizabeth is so full of energy, yet peaceful.  I can’t wait to get them both hung so I can enjoy seeing them daily!


I believe as we face these crazy and unprecedented times, it is important to focus on the small daily joys.  There are so many of us that have our families scattered all over the world in a time when we want them all near and under our wings.  I am grateful for technology that allows me to keep in touch and offers the ability to see each other in real time.  It is frightening and I must be careful that I do not let fear overcome me.  Let’s all be kind, thoughtful, selfless, and look to the common good as we travel this journey together.

Holding steady,


Unexpected travels..

Oh my but what a whirlwind week of last.  My middle, Erica, had landed an amazing career opportunity in Northern Cali and I made the trip down with her to set up house.  She chose a beautiful bedroom community in the San Joaquin valley.  The house is lovely and just perfect for her and the kids.  Added bonus was my brother Jim (who has my kidney) drove the Uhaul so I got to spend time with him as well!  Oh my the work we all did to set up house, but the end results were absolutely lovely!  I stayed on the week and helped get it all sorted and together.  I was able to walk around her new neighborhood and it all is just lovely.  The weather was unbelievable and perfect!  She has the loveliest backyard with citrus trees and the kids were busy eating oranges.  We put up a clothesline and oh how I love clothes air dried! It was a perfect week!



Erica is very much into her gym time and brought her home gym with her.  The front entry was the perfect area to become a gym room.  Plenty of room to set everything up and still look nice.


This TV stand was blue and Erica wanted some orange so we ran out and got some paint and I redid it while there.  I am really loving the orange.  She got some Dr. Suess prints to decorate the upstairs alcove where this is placed.


When the time came to head back, I took the train home.  I absolutely love train travel.  My kids think I am crazy, but I have no issues being on a train for hours or even days.  It beats air travel all to heck as so spacious, roomy, and one can walk all around. This was a bit longer trip, an over nighter.  Now it is a challenge so sleep well without a sleeper, but it is possible.  I did a fair bit of stitching and knitting while the lovely landscapes flew by.  This was Jacksons first ever train ride and he did amazing!  Considering he had quite the cold…poor thing!


The yellow socks now have the heel turned and are made from some of my botanical dyed yarn.  I used marigolds and coreopsis.  I’ll get a better photo as the color variations are absolutely lovely!  The Burgundy is a fingerless mitt and also my own hand dyed but a chemical dye.


Back home and off the train to hail and a bitter cold wind….aarrgghh.  But the next morning it was sunny and the week turned out to be gorgeous.  My sweet Misha had missed me so very much and was happy to once again be out on our daily walks.  We saw many signs of spring!  Oh how we both love those walks.


I have all these great plans for the yard, but I was a bit spent this week catching up from last week.  So I filled my time with lots of knitting and stitching.  I finished up the silly pot dish towels and started this adorable elephant set.  I will color them in when they are all stitched.  I think they are just the cutest ever!


After being buried under other projects, I finally got out little Mimi’s sweater and stated the last bit, the front ribbing.  I have to admit that I had chucked it to the side as I just was not confident in picking up stitches, but one youtube and I felt like such a silly dolt.  So easy and it looks so nice.  This was such an easy pattern and knit up so very fast.  It is the Anker’s Jacket by Petite Knit and the yarn is by Knitted Wit from my stash.


Does anyone else just bury or chuck to the side projects when they come to a technique you either don’t know or feel confident with? I have an adult sweater sitting to the side because I have never done cables.  Silly huh?

I did find a few new acquisitions.  Jackson enjoys visiting the thrift shops with me so we make occasional forays.  Also there is an amazing FB group where all items are free and then of course FB market place.  Yes always treasures to be found.  Here are mine.

This yarn bowl was basically free as there is a blemish where the glaze ran.  It is clearly a beauty!


Oh books!  Can one ever have too many?!  I found these lovelies at a thrift shop.


Oh be still my heart!  I found the Mary Poppins from my childhood on marketplace.  Just look at her.  And her complete wardrobe even with the extra shoes.  Oh that carpet bag!  I have her, but mine is in the roughest shape as she was well played with and her clothes are all missing for decades.  When the movie was first released my mom and a neighbor took myself and her daughter to Portland to Lloyd Center Cinema to watch the movie.  Then she bought me the doll and a book!  I still have both.  But this mint condition beauty is just too much to pass by.  How I wish mom was alive so I could show her this and talk about that trip….sigh….


Isn’t this just the cutest?  Erica brought this to me. It is just perfect as my doggies have most certainly always been my doorbell!!  And a loud one at that!!


Still stuck on podcasts and discovering new ones as I scroll through the huge selection that is offered.  Imagine my delight when I was checking out IG and discovered that one of my favorite IG gals had started a podcast!  Stitchedbymrsd.  Paula is so real and makes me chuckle watching her podcast.  She is such a breath of fresh air.  Her lovely brit accent certainly adds to the charm as well.  Her house is just the loveliest ever!  You must check out her IG and podcast!  I am also still busy watching all back podcasts of Fairyland Cottage.  You know I don’t know what her name is.  But it is lovely podcast from Ireland about simple and sustainable living.  It is a treat to watch.  I also catch every new podcast from Shay at The Elliot Homestead and of course never miss Kristin of Voolenvine yarns.  I just love the use of technology to bring us these lovely podcasts.  If you have a favorite be sure and leave it in the comments as I am always game for more!


After some time off, I begin classes for my PhD again on Monday.  I am taking Positive Psychology in Coaching.  It looks to be a very informative and interesting course and it will be nice to be back applying myself to studying once again.

And now I must out with Misha for our daily walkabout.  The sun is shinning and it is looks to be lovely out.

Happy (almost) Spring,