Family, Fun, and Movie Making

The past two weeks have been super busy. Lots of day trips, family coming to stay, and organizing and having a yard sale.  And also, sadly, my Doodle had to return home to prepare for back to school!  I sure miss the heck out of her!!!  House is way too quiet and poor ole Bruno is lost without her to curl up in bed with every morning. 

Since it was the last few weeks with Doodle we jam packed lots of fun in.  

We spent one day making a movie. I cannot believe her patience with this process.  We were 4 hours in the woods with thunder and lightening all around as she calmly took shot after shot to produce her newest stop motion.

It is amazing how stop motion movies are made. The time and patience that go into the making is amazing. Doodle is currently working on a series and has produced two episodes. You can watch them here

Of course we had several more trips to the beach.  Usually we never venture further south than Newport, but we wanted to see some new sights and check out Sea Lion Caves.  I had not been there since I was a child and Jimmy and Doodle had never been there.  It was more commercialized than I remember, of course, but very well done with lots to grab your interest and a killer gift shop!  

We discovered an amazing beach on the way home!

Bruno and Cinny just love the beach!  Cinny acts like a puppy once she hits that sand.  The sheer joy that they exhibit spills over onto all of us!!  

We stopped at the cutest little cafe for lunch. They had the most awesome Japanese tea pots all over.  But what made them so sweet was inside each one was a note. What fun to open the pot and discover this note:

I was blessed to be there with two people I love dearly!!  Since Doodle had an upcoming birthday we ordered her a large piece of chocolate cake.

Check out all those umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. The owner makes them. 

At work we had an event to celebrate the dog days of summer. Doodle dressed Bruno up in Harley wear and dressed to match him. She won third place ribbon, losing out to two pocket dogs dressed in dresses.  Bruno would not hold still for a photo. 

It was a great event with dog rescue groups, a local vet, our humane society, and some therapy dogs. The residents loved it and that is what mattered!

All too soon Erica, my sister Anna, my momma, niece, nephew, and grandson showed up to take Doodle home. But they were able to stay a few nights and we squeezed in shopping, yard sales, and a trip to the beach. My momma loves the ocean and was out in that water with her walker!

While Doodle was here at every yard sale she was looking for things for her sibs. She had nice gifts for all of them all wrapped and ready to give. I am so proud of how giving she is!  When her brother, my sweet Jayse, came down with Erica to pick her up she was so excited for him to open his gift.  Jayse loved the building set and his cousin and him got busy building. They were so creative!!!

 A great time was had by all!  We stayed up late, ate too much junk, and talked a storm. When time to head home the car was so loaded there was little room for passengers!  As when those we love leave, the house was too quiet and lonely.  But they will be back soon and next week Chrissy is arriving with more grands!  Cannot wait!!

Living the dream,






Sea, Sky, Fields, and Fun…lots of Fun!!

Well February sure turned out to be a month of family time!  Lots and lots of trips to visit and lots of visitors here.  There was barely a moment to catch our breath!  But what fun and what memories!

Our first long week end was spent taking two precious grands up to Chrissy's farm for their first farm experience!  They had the greatest time!

IMG_2267 IMG_2269

Being on a farm is pure heaven for children.  There was sliding down the hayloft, playing in the fort, horseback riding, four wheeling, hot tubbing, and lots of exploring. 

While there we also celebrated Elizabeth's birthday.  Isn't that cake just the cutest?Chrissy is so stinking talented!!

And we stopped by to see Erica's new house, which I totally fell in love with!  It is one of those houses that is filled with all sorts of nooks and crannies and stair cases and special places!

I love love love this office!  

The kids were so excited to show off their new rooms!  They each chose their own decor and were very proud of themselves!

On Valentine's Day, Becca, Matt, and the Sweetpeas arrived from Nevada.  I had missed them all so much.  Ems is just the darn happiest baby EVER!  

For Valentine's Day Jimmy brought home these:

Becca and I made these yummy cupcakes for the guys.

Really fun to make and so simple!

The Sweetpeas!  It makes my heart sigh at how much they all love Jimmy and he loves them!  

Right on the heels of Valentine's Day we were off to the Oregon coast to celebrate Ellie's 8th birthday.  The ocean is definitely one of my favorite places to be!  We stayed in a lovely rambling beach house with lots of room for everyone and the dogs besides.  

Ellie with some pretty big feet!

While we got in lots of beachtime the guys went out crabbing and provided us with a crab feast…yummy!!

Ellie is so funny and wanted Crispy Creme Donuts in place of a birthday cake. 

No trip to the beach is complete without a trip to Mo's for some clam chowder!  Ellie got free ice cream for her birthday too!!

All too soon it was time to come back home.  

As the month comes to a close, I have guests staying on.  Becca and the Sweetpeas will be here for another week or so.  No telling what trouble we may just get into!



A very happy couple!!