Playing Round and Round…

Am I the only one who just loves photo phone apps?  I just downloaded three new ones and this is what I have created so far…..



These were created using Auto Painter I II and III.  They allow you to chose one of the great masters and turn your photo into a picture.  Pretty fun.  I used Diptic to position them side by side.  Pretty much in love with this app and the endless possibilities.  Course I still use Pixlromatic, Vintique, and PhotoToaster the most.  Love the ability to manipulate and enhance my pics while engaging my creative energy!  

On other creative note, I have finally began the painting projects that I kept thinking about.  Started with a great piece of fabric and picked paint samples to match, then bought quarts of paint in the palette and let my fun begin.  First project was a hutch that I actually stripped all the paint off years ago.  The worst part was that first brush stoke as I still remember the pain of stripping this piece.  But wow the transformation is amazing!  I love it!!  I put on two coats, did some antiquing, and then finished with a wax coating.  I also used the same color on the base of my table and then did the top in chalkboard paint.  I have wanted to chalkboard my table since seeing it on Pinterest.  I love the results!!  Jimmy and I always leave each other notes and now we can just write them directly on the table…gotta love it.  The grands will love this too!  Gotta find some colored chalk in an assortment of colors.  I was sceptical about the clean up and durability but am finding it cleans up nicely and appears durable so far.  

How much fun is that!  

So the next project is this chair I bought at a yard sale for only $5.  I got the initial three coats of this green on and it is now ready for the sanding, antiquing, and final wax coating.  As I was painting it occurred to me how we are returning to the colors of the 70s.  Although these are a bit more muted they are still the 70s palette of green, orange, and yellow.  Ouch!  Swore I would never use those colors…..add the 80s brown and there you go.  But I swear I will never use the 80s pinks, mauves, and blues….shudder!!  

What's that?  A Golden Retriever and not a Boxer?  Charlie, my daughter's dog, has become a part of the family and she wanted her picture taken too. 

In keeping with the playtime theme also got in a beautiful ride to Tollgate.  Love just sitting on the back of the bike and letting my hubby do the driving (still love saying that…my hubby).  The weather was just the perfect!

Hubby said get on the bike….yup just for a pic.  No plans on taking over the drivers seat,happy being the passenger.  Notice the use of my photo apps….a bit obsessive….

It has been a fun week of playtime which is what lazy summer days should consist of…lots and lots of playtime.  Now where did I put that paintbrush….